• To arouse and develop students’ interests and life-long passion in music by nurturing, motivating, challenging them in the pursuit of artistic excellence
  • To develop an understanding of and sensitivity to aesthetics 
  • To cultivate a set of transferable skills such as discipline, attentiveness, creativity, confidence and interpersonal skills through the process of learning music
  • To broaden students' horizons and exposures in humanities through performance and music exchange activities, deepening their understanding of the relationship between music and culture
  • To uphold the rich musical tradition of SPCC where music serves as a means to serve God and one another; and through which, becomes the collective memory of St. Paulians

Characteristics of the School-Based Curriculum

    Instrumental Programme

    In Primary 3 or 4, SPCC offers an Instrumental Programme in which all students get to discover the joy of music-making in an ensemble setting. Students are assigned into 3 groups, namely percussion ensemble, string ensemble and handbell ensemble to develop their instrumental skills and ensembleship. 


    Programme for the Musically Gifted (PMG)

    Recognizing that some students possess, or are capable of possessing extraordinary musical talents, and whose musical learning capacity and rate of learning demand experiences beyond the regular classroom, SPCCPS is committed to the belief that these musically-gifted students require special mentoring and guidance in discovering, developing and realizing their potentials. PMG is established to provide a tailored platform to continuously challenge, stimulate, develop and nurture these musically gifted students. Selected student will be pulled out from their regular music classes to undertake a programme which accelerates the P.6 music curriculum and further enriches in other musical aspects, particularly in chamber music playing.


    Music Teams

    By selecting students with musical potential to participate in different music teams of the school, SPCCPS aims to develop students’ talents to the fullest extent. From regular training, team members learn more about teamwork and how to take care of others. They also learn to embrace challenges in a positive way during performances and competitions.