Information Technology

Information Technology



Our school has always attached great importance to IT education, so IT has been fully integrated into students' learning.

  • We actively research the application of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) in school setting, and develop the ability of gifted students to innovate in these areas.
  • We actively develop innovative technology education and implement a digital campus, and are committed to integrating information technology into learning and teaching, and making school administration more efficient.
  • We also attach great importance to the cultivation of information literacy, and hope to help students identify the need for information, create new ideas, and respond to changes in the information world, use information ethically, and prevent themselves from committing unethical acts such as cyberbullying and intellectual property infringement.

      Characteristics of the Curriculum

      The Information Technology Subject attaches great importance to the teaching of practical content and related skills training in the curriculum:

      • Teachers select different electronic teaching materials in the classroom and conduct interactive teaching through tools such as computers, tablets or touch screens.
      • We promote the blended mode of e-learning (Blended Learning), combine technology and teaching, and strengthen students' habits of self-learning and learning through technology.
      • We focus on teaching programming (coding) to develop students' computational thinking. Through different learning activities, students can gain practical experience and build confidence in solving problems.
      • We actively cooperate with schools to promote STEM education, equip students with the necessary knowledge, generic skills, values and attitudes, and provide opportunities for them to develop their creative potential.
      • We use MOODLE (an online learning management system), and together with Chromebooks and iPads in the classroom to further strengthen the interactive learning and real-time teaching feedback of teachers and students in the school, further promoting students' independent learning.