Student Support

Student Support

The School deploys the Whole School Approach to Integrated Education in order to formulate effective school policies, measures and practicable strategies to support students with special educational needs (SEN) and the lower academic achievers.  The SST is comprised of the principal and the vice-principals, the school social workers, the educational psychologist (EP), the clinical psychologist (CP), as well as both SLN support teachers and subject teachers. It is believed that the measures can help to provide quality educational services by catering for diverse learning needs and students with SEN.


1. To promptly identify the needs of students with special educational needs (SEN), assess and intervene accordingly.

2. To apply the Three-Tier Intervention Model by assigning subject teachers to each level.

3. To set up special examination arrangements in accordance with the needs of students with SEN.

4. To provide additional support like the services from EP and CP.

5. To provide Chinese, English and Mathematics tutorial classes, early intervention programme, enrichment programme and parent-child reading programme for students in need.

6. To provide various student support activities such as workshops on reading and writing strategies, learning groups of social and emotional skills and speech therapy.