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Primary School

With the "Through-Train Model", students of the Primary School with satisfactory academic results and conduct are automatically enrolled in our secondary school. Students are not required to sit for any selection examination. Our curriculum concentrates on:

(1) establishing language proficiency
(2) establishing a broad knowledge
(3) acquiring IT and life skills
(4) participating in various group activities
(5) offering a gifted programme

The balanced curriculum in the Primary School enables students to develop cognitive skills and lifelong learning. We aim to help our students develop good learning habits, proficiency in Chinese and English, excellent communication skills and respect for others. We guide our students to think creatively, critically and independently by implementing directed self-curriculum, introducing interdisciplinary research learning and subject-related activities.

STEM elements are integrated into the school curriculum. Students explore the world and learn through scientific hands-on activities which help them develop deep thinking and problem solving skills.

The subjects offered at all levels are Chinese, Putonghua, English, Mathematics, General Studies, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education and Information Technology. Oral English and Putonghua are taught by native speakers. In addition, our School also places a strong emphasis on nurturing students' gifts and talents. For instance, the School provides enrichment programmes like multiple-intelligence courses, leadership training programmes for prefects, English drama with opportunities for public performance and Mathematics Olympiad.

The School is dedicated to creating a friendly environment to learn and use Putonghua and English. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their language abilities by performing and participating in various recitations, story-telling and singing events and competitions.

To adapt to the information age, the School encourages computer literacy. Apart from information technology activities designed for our students, on-line systems are installed in the school libraries and classrooms to ensure students the opportunity to use IT in their daily school lives.

The School has designed its curriculum to better cater for the capabilities and interests of students and further prepare them for the secondary school learning environment and challenge. All P6 subjects except for cultural subjects are taught in English, with Chinese subject taught in Putonghua. Courses on science and drama have also been added to the curriculum. Apart from these, the School has also provided students with the opportunity to experience enquiry learning in order to cultivate in them the attitude and skills for scientific study and project-based learning in the secondary school.